Lasnamäe Youth Center is a space created for young people and developed together with young people of the neighborhood. Here youngsters aged 7-26 can develop personally. Lasnamäe residents meet young people through the activities of the youth center. 

Raadiku Youth Space is a youth room located in Raadiku neighborhood. Here youth workers offer young people crafty and playful learning activities for kids and teenagers. Older young people have an opportunity to participate as volunteers or youth leaders in the youth space and offer their own clubs and events for youngsters. 




Open Youth Center


In the open youth center’s area it is possible to play ping pong, game consoles or board games. It’s possible to do homework, communicate with peers and take part in different tournaments.

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Clubs & Events

Clubs and events of the youth center are created based on the interests of young people. Youth workers and club leaders use a non-formal learning approach and active participation when running these clubs and events.


At the youth center you can get a consultation meeting with a youth worker to learn about volunteering and job  opportunities, participate in a coaching session or learn about international project possibilities. 

Get to know the opportunities (drive)

Renting a space

Youth center’s rooms can be rented for youth events and activities. Rooms can be used free of charge if the activity is free for young people to participate, it is an event led by young people and it is based on youth work principles.

Get to know the opportunities  (PDF)





#YouTube #Podcast

Youngsters with the support of youth workers are recording podcasts where they talk about hobbies,  interests & activities of young people.





#Initiative #Youth #Lasnamäe

A team of active young people from Lasnamäe who are participating in the shaping of activities for young people of Lasnamäe.


Stairway up

Stairway up


#School #Training

Stairway up is a project targeting students of grades 8-11 and offers non-formal learning workshops in schools on such topics as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, teamwork, effective communications and more.




#StreetArt #Creativity #Activism

Project where youth together with street artists create their own sketches and cover with them illegally painted places in Lasnamäe, adding brightness and attractiveness into them.


Main Specialist

#Info #YouthCouncil #Projects

Edgar is in youth work since 2010. At university he studied psychology and now he is studying youth work. Psychology, football, video games, organizations and community processes are topics that motivate Edgar and give him energy to act.


Youth Worker

#Dancing #Yoga #Theatre

Ksenia in youth work since 2018. She began her career as a dance teacher and is currently studying General Education and Hobby Activities. Ksyusha likes dancing, walking in the fresh air, as well as doing theater and yoga.


Youth Worker

#Humor #Sport #Tournaments

Maksim is in youth work since 2014 when he started working at a youth camp. Since 2018 he is working in Lasnamäe youth center. Maksim also performs on stage with comedy sketches, is fond of football and loves to play video games.


Youth Worker

#Feminism #Music #Travel

Alina is a feminist from Narva who has been in youth work since 2016. During this time, she organized various city events, international and local projects. She is inspired by music, poetry and theater


Youth Worker

#BoardGames #Music #RoleGames

Illarion started as a youth worker in the camps. Now he wants to develop his home district Lasnamäe in all kinds of ways as an employee of our centre. Games, music and fresh ideas are all his strengths in working with young people.


Youth Worker

#Music #Handcrafting #Theater

Veronika has an educational background and experience in teaching music to young people of different ages. She’s passionate about doing anything related to positivity and creativity. One of her hobbies is studying foreign languages: English, Estonian, Russian and Ukrainian.



#BallroomDance #Linguistics #BoardGames

Laci started working in summer camps and as a private tutor in 2013. He studied chemistry and mathematics and is now a high school teacher from Hungary. Translations, hikes and archery are among his hobbies. He became a volunteer to research youth work in Estonia.


You are welcome to join and contribute to developing a better environment for young people of Lasnamäe. If you would like to share your experience as a guest, organize an event or workshop for young people, start your own youth club then don’t hesitate to contact us!